Chantilly After School

Our After School Program Provides A Safe Environment Where Your Child Can Thrive

You shouldn't have to spend the last few hours of your workday worrying about where your child is and what they're doing.

At Highkicks Taekwondo, we're giving students all across Chantilly the chance to enjoy a safe, supportive environment where they can learn awesome martial arts skills and also enjoy dedicated homework assistance.

Need help finding affordable and high-quality childcare? Because of our commitment to be a leader in the community and due to our status as Virginia's only martial arts school with Virginia state license program, Highkicks Taekwondo is proud to partner with the following subsidy programs: 

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After School in Chantilly

What's Included In Our After School Program?

Our goal is to provide a fun and exciting system where students can learn something new every day. Rather than wasting away in front of a screen, our After School program here at Highkicks Taekwondo gives students the chance to challenge themselves and have a blast.

Come see us here in Chantilly today and treat your child to:

  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • Well-rounded physical fitness
  • Effective bully prevention tools
  • Lifelong habits of an active lifestyle
  • Confidence in all aspects of life

We strive to work with our community, and to provide the best possible environment for the people who matter most: you! Our After School program has numerous benefits:

  • Ideal for boys and girls in elementary and middle school
  • Pick your children up as late as 6:30pm to coincide with your work schedule
  • Competitive rates
  • Early dismissal and non-school days at little to no extra cost
  • Multiple children discounts for families
  • Experienced and caring staff

Don't Miss Out On Our After School Program Here In Chantilly!

If you're looking for a better way to set your child up for success and help them spend their time wisely when the school day is over, come see us today at Highkicks Taekwondo in Chantilly. We're offering the best After School program around and we can't wait for your child to see it all firsthand.

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