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Buy tindamax (tinidazole). online - What is tinidazole 500mg used for

Highkicks Taekwondo and Children's Academy is VA first and only state licensed childcare facility.

It's Summer Camp time! Our school offers a full day camp experience for your child that is equally educational as it is exciting and fun! Our program is designed to meet each child's needs, based on age appropriate and self-confidence building activities while being in a safe, positive, and motivational camp environment.

We will have multiple field trips each week, as well as, motivational Martial Arts classes, constructive games, kid's movies, arts and crafts and exciting guest speakers. When your child attends HIGHKICKS TAEKWONDO Summer camp program you can feel confident that while you are working, your child is in the hands of people that are well trained and truly care. They will be having lots of fun, while building character, self-discipline, and increasing their self-esteem. Most importantly they will develop a "Yes I Can” positive attitude!

Summer Camp rates are as follows. If your child is not currently enrolled at
Highkicks Taekwondo and Children’s Academy, a registration fee of $99.00
will be required in order to secure his or her place.
( The registration fee includes one Summer camp t-shirts, bag and Highkicks Uniform)

Tuition per Week:

  • 5 Days per Week $225 for members / $235 for Non-members. Until April 30th, 2019 then change to $259.00/wk

  • 4 Days or less per Week $55 per day for Members / $65 per day for Non-Members

By registering the program, you agree to be billed for summer camp for the weeks indicated in the form.
Credits will not be issued for days reserved but not attended unless we receive written notice at least two (2) weeks after the registration. Additional days may be added contingent upon availability and with the prior approval of the Highkicks Taekwondo and Children’s Academy Director.

If you register early, you can split your payments up. So, register today!

Buy tindamax (tinidazole). online - What is tinidazole 500mg used for


HighKicks TaeKwonDo has been providing martial arts instruction for children and adults in the northern virginia area. In the mid 1990s we built upon this experience and began offering our innovative martial arts spring and summer camps. HighKicks TaeKwonDo spring and summer camps offer a safe, exciting, and educational experience for children 4 through 12 years of age. A typical day will be filled with sports, arts & crafts, field trips, games, and professional martial arts instruction. Our program offers parents flexible hours: dropoff times begin bright and early at 7:30 am and pickup times run until 6:30 pm. Both full and half day programs are available, and we offer camps virtually all summer long… a full 12 weeks! In addition, our well trained, enthusiastic and professional staff enjoys providing each child an opportunity to learn, mature, and have fun in a safe environment. Call or visit us today and have your child join us for a great spring and summer!

Buy tindamax (tinidazole). online - What is tinidazole 500mg used for


Our spacious floor plan and matted floors offer the perfect environment for the spring and summer camper, with plenty of room to excersize, stretch, kick and punch during martial arts classes. Before and after class we use the same matted area for games and sports. Separate study and activity rooms with computers, board games, books, and children’s movies, and also offer plenty of room to sneak off for some quiet down time or to read that favorite book. Each camper is also offered storage space for their equipment, lunch, snacks, and any personal belongings they wish to bring to camp.

Taekwondo Class

Each morning our campers participate in a traditional martial arts class led by a professional black belt master instructor. Campers can expect improved coordination, physical fitness, focus and discipline. The martial arts instruction also offers valuable self defense skills and increased self confidence. Campers will also participate in the same class curriculum as a full time taekwondo student, allowing them to continue their taekwondo training once summer is over.

Field Trip

Whether campers are spending the day swimming in an outdoor pool, visiting a museum or historic park, going to the movies to catch the latest summer hit, knocking down pins at a bowling alley, or just playing in the playgrounds and parks, you can be sure your child will be enjoying an exciting summer. Our campers are exposed to a variety of different field trips that are not only fun but also educational. To end the week, every Friday, campers are treated to a party at area restaurants where they can expect more fun and games, and of course, food.