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  • Welcome to Highkicks Pre-School Program!

Buy tinidazole over the counter, Buy tinidazole usa

Preschool children are growing and developing in many ways every day. The preschool program at Highkicks Children’s Academy is designed to meet the needs of all children by providing many experiences for them to practice and build upon the skills they already have while incorporating new knowledge. Our primary goal is to provide access to the opportunities that promote school success at the same time as recognizing and supporting each child’s individual differences.


School readiness does not happen at the same time or in the same way for all children. Readiness expectations should include all areas of learning. The content areas below include desired outcomes and specific topics covered across all areas.

Basic skills

We strive to give your child all the basics to make their entrance into Kindergarten smooth and easy. They will be prepared to begin early reading skills, math skills and an understanding of the world around them.

Subjects & Learning


Highkicks Pre-School Program

We strive to give your child all the basics to make their entrance into Kindergarten smooth and easy. They will be prepared to begin early reading skills, math skills and an understanding of the world around them. Each week we have a theme that includes a story based on the theme, a craft and beginning writing skills. We will focus on formation of letters, fine motor skills (holding a pencil, cutting, gluing). Your child will create a poetry book to practice early reading skills. Each poem we choose has a skill we are working on. Your child will have a strong foundation in reading by the end of the year. In math we will be following the Fairfax and Loudoun County Public School’s Standards of learning for Kindergarten. Your child will have a strong number sense and be exposed to patterns, sets, time, graphing and probability. Having these basic skills will make the understanding of math easier. Thank you for considering our school for your child. We will teach them at their level and we will grow together.

To Register Our Program;

Please download and bring the forms to our location. All forms are must complete prior to start Highkicks Program.

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  • Most recent physical
  • Shot record
  • Payment form
  • Registration fee (includes Highkicks Uniform)