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We want to help as many people as we can to improve upon their physical and mental condition while experiencing the quality and benefits of the Kickboxing program! The class involves cardio exercises, strength and full body training, bag workouts, and more! Come in and try out some classes, and find out for yourself why we call this class the ultimate workout! Highkicks Kickboxing is one of the newest, most exciting and quickest ways to get in shape! This fast paced, high energy program combines martial arts and boxing techniques like blocking, kicking and punching with aerobics music, excitement and energy for a full body workout. You will feel the benefits of the workout right from the start. Your muscles will feel stronger and both your mind and body will be energized, relieved of stress, feeling great! Kickboxing training is hard work. You strive for maximums - alertness, conditioning, strength, reflexes, and speed. The journey of kickboxing is difficult, but it is also fun, exciting, and rewarding.

The Benefits of Highkicks Kickboxing:

**Increased physical endurance
**Enhanced coordination
**Reduced stress levels
**Increased cardiovascular fitness
**Potential reduction of body fat
**Increased self-confidence
**Improved strength and muscle tone
**Potential to burn up to 800 calories in 1 workout
**Improved stability & balance

A fun and invigorating training program designed to challenge you both mentally and physically.
Incorporating high intensity kicking routines with upper body drills, this class will help you increase your stamina, coordination, and strength as you learn basic martial arts techniques.