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School closing and Holiday Camps

Highkicks offers holiday camps during those days that schools are closed. These camps are open to Highkicks After School Program members, Highkicks Taekwondo members, family and friends of members and others (at the approval of the Highkicks staff). Camp days run from 7:30 am - 6:30 pm and include taekwondo class, games and field trips (except for snow day closings). Field trips include bowling, swimming, movie theater, local parks, etc. Pricing for holiday camps varies based on the Highkicks program in which you are enrolled, so please contact local Highkicks locations for more info.

Typical Holiday Camps include:

    1) Columbus Day,

    2) Winter Break Camp, late December/January

    3) Snow day School closing Camp

    4) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

    5) Presidents' Day,

    6) Spring Break Camp

Click here to register today.

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