HaiDong Gumdo

Haidong Gumdo is a term used to describe a couple of slightly differing styles of Korean sword martial arts. Haidong Gumdo is also sometimes referred to as Haedong Gumdo, and derives from a standard style of Korean Gumdo fighting. The term was coined in 1982, and since then has grown into a rather large fighting technique, with a couple of major organizations that practice their own styles and have their own regulations for combat. Like many sword martial arts, Haidong Gumdo has a number of basic techniques, which are undertaken with various weapons, depending on the skill level. Beginners use a simple wooden sword, the mokgum, intermediate practitioners use a bamboo sword, the chukdo, and advanced students use weighted weapons and wear protective armor. Various forms, many derived from gicheon, are practiced, as is step sparring, cutting techniques, and the building up of energy, known as qi gong.